Friday, February 22, 2008

It's a FACE style!

Liv was feeling MUCH better today after, so we had some much needed Mommy-Daughter time today. Liv wanted to give me a makeover, which I worked hard to avoid. Usually makeovers involve her brushing my hair, which is oh so sweet, but oh so painful. So, after I turned her down for the makeover, she ran after me saying: "Mama, mama, I have something I need to tell you!"

"What is it?" I turn around and ask.

"It's not a HAIR style, it's a FACE style," she says with the sweetest look on her face as she's doing a Vanna-style hand-flourish around her face.

Mama could not say no. So I got my make-up done by a 4 year old. And then she decided that she needed to put some on herself. I know I should have stopped her, but she was working so seriously and with such purpose.
And of course, once she was finished, I HAD to take a picture. This is fodder for a high school year-book full page ad I'm foreseeing, oh, about 14 years from now.


Lisa_in_AR said...

Too CUTE! Liv is such the supermodel! See you tomorrow for YaYa day.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Too CUTE! Liv is such the supermodel! See you tomorrow for YaYa day.

ScrapbookDBA said...

She is adorable!

Where is your pic?


Denise Felton said...

Blackmail fodder for sure! :) She did a pretty dang good job for age 4! Very glamorous. Did you look glamorous, too?

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Liv is adorable and she did an amazing job with the make-up! At 4 my little sister was still into the racoon eyes and we won't discuss the new fashion she tried to start with the lipstick! And, yeah, where's your pic? :-)Love the story and really love the pic!

Punkinhead said...

Ahhh... see, now that I have a BOY, I won't have to suffer this kind of torture anymore. Of course, I have different kinds of conversations. See today's latest...

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Oh my! How adorable!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun!

I want to see your glamor shot too now you know!!!