Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Etsy Word Results: Copacetic

Here are the long over due results from last week's Etsy word game.

First, Denise's picks. She said that the word "copacetic" reminded her of jazz.
John Coltrane by edavy63

Jazz Shoes by Blandy Snorhal

2 Clarinet Cabs by prodigalprogeny

I think she's on to something. The word "copacetic" does have kind of a jzzy, fat cat sound. And speaking of fat cats, that's what the word reminded me of. Except the literal fat cats - little round, satisfied, self important balls of fur. Well, not all of these guys are fat, but they sure look satisfied with their fine lives.

Raindrop Catnap by Endless Whimsy

Nude with Pearls by Clear Jade Studio

happy happy Simon print by matteart (Matte Stephens)
King Cat Fish Stick Co. by Gemini Studio

That's all for this week!
Since it's already so late in the week, I'm just going to wait until next Monday to post a new Etsy word.

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idyll hands said...

I love that word and the finds to go with it.