Thursday, January 17, 2008

My paisleys are featured!

I got an email from Rouge Picote Noir the other day, asking if she could feature my paisley pin in an article on her blog. Um, YEAH!

I was so excited! I'd never had any of my items featured on a blog before. How cool is that? And, when I checked out Rouge Picote Noir's Etsy shop, I was even more flattered. Her stuff is so beautiful! Her items feature such strong, vibrant colors. There's definitely energy at her shop.

Be sure to check out her paisley article. She also has links to a number of paisley items, including a pair of drop-dead gorgeous wire-wrapped paisley earrings.


Denise Felton said...

Woooooo! *high five* Just read the article, and your brooch looks beautiful in there! Very distinguished company, too.

idyll hands said...

Congrats! Isn't it great to be featured. I'll have to go read the article. I'm still thinking on your word of the week and will send some ideas tonight - I promise.