Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Etsy items: gelid

Brrr... it's SO cold here! I just looked out at the little water pond behind my house, and the water is now no longer gelid, but actually frozen. Hah! Don'tcha love how I worked in the little Etsy word? (I suppose that underneath the frozen layer, the water is certainly gelid.)

I had so much fun with this word! Of course, I had half a dozen items picked out for this wonderful word, and then my browser crashed. And since I hadn't actually SAVED any of the links, just had the windows open, I lost all of my items. That'll teach me, right? Anyway, I've recovered most of them, and then Denise and IdyllHands were both sweet enough to play along.

Denise sent examples of gelid personalities. Man, these women look COLD-hearted!

IdyllHands posted links to items that were "just plain cold," as she described them. She's right. That little bird looks so cold sitting out on that branch. And those earrings, wow, they look just like icicles.

As for me, my examples were mainly glass, frosted or icy blue. The silver and the dichroic elements look like ice, while the swirly lines suggest that they are not yet thoroughly frozen.

Well, that's it for this week. Check back next Monday for another semi-random Etsy word match-up. (Not really sure how to describe this little exercise... Any suggestions?)

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idyll hands said...

I don't know if the lady in the red bunny outfit is cold hearted or just misunderstood. I mean, she's in a bunny suit... right? She must be nice and friendly, perhaps a bit naughty, but that's all.