Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The big reveal

A couple of days ago, I gave a preview of my new felt addiction. After several rainy days that prevented me from photographing my new items, I was finally able to go outside and take some shots. This is my latest listing:

It's paisley Window Bling! It's the trophy wife of my Etsy shop, serving absolutely no purpose except to look pretty. When I showed it to my -usually- supportive mother, her first words were, "What are you going to DO with that??" Once I told her it would be a decorative element, she was her normal supportive self.

It was actually my friend Stacie who gave me the idea for Window Bling. I gave her one for her birthday, not really knowing what she'd do with it. (I did give it a string, though, figuring that whatever she did with it would require hanging of some sort. And if not, she could just remove it...) She looked at it and told me that she could hang it at her desk at work. Which got me thinking about my horribly gray surroundings back in my corporate day, and Window Bling was born.

Now off to do more stitching...

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Denise Felton said...

I love this little guy so much. I want him and all of his siblings. And his non-nuclear family, too.