Friday, September 10, 2010

Count me in!

Count me in!! I've joined the Sew 5 Challenge over at Creative Maven!

The point of the challenge is to use the month of September to complete 5 sewing projects and blog about them. Molly, The Creative Maven, came up with the challenge as a way to motivate her to complete some of the many projects on her must-sew list.

I can sooo relate to the ever-growing project list and the need to mark some items off of it. This is why I'm going to join her for the month and finish 5 of my own projects and blog about them here. It's like a classier way of saying "Git 'er done!"

My own must-sew list grows every day. I'm sure it has a little bit of something to do with my gig at Craft Gossip and the hundreds (literally) of sewing blogs that I follow. I see someone doing something cool and I think, "Ooooh, I need to make one of those, too!" And then I see another cool project, and another, and another...

And then there are the donations to my project pile from friends and family members. Those stretched or stained t-shirts than can be made into something fabulous with a little bit of recutting or applique. The must-sew list grows...

First on my must-sew-in-September list is a t-shirt dress for my nieces 5th birthday. She wears the same size as my daughter, so this should be fairly straightforward. I'll post pictures as soon as I git'er done.


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Molly @ The Creative Maven said...

I'm so excited you are joining me! and thanks for featuring the spa hair wrap on Craft Gossip :)