Thursday, January 7, 2010

Timeline of a sewing project

Excited about project.

Trying to figure out what the project will be.
Overhelmed with possibilities for the project.

Decide on one and love, love, love it.

Start making said project.

Hrmm... project isn't turning out as expected.

Unsure of the project.

Dislike the project.

Hate the project. This will never work. What was I thinking???

Make changes to fix the project. This could still work.

Love the project! Even better than the original idea!

Work, work, work on the project.

Hrmm... project isn't turning out as expected - AGAIN.

It was better before I "fixed" it. Damn.

Disillusioned with the project. This was a huge waste of time!!

Set project aside and go watch TV, while trying to figure out how to put the half-finished project to new use.

Avoid the project.
Avoid the project.
Avoid the project.
Avoid the sewing room because the project is in there, taunting me.

Grow tired of the avoidance, and decide to take the project to its crappy conclusion.

Hrmm.... This isn't as bad as I thought it was. Just need a little tweak here and there and...

WOW! This project is AWESOME!
Love, love, LOVE the project!!!

"Oh this? It's just something I made one afternoon. Nope. Don't be impressed. It was really easy to make."



Punkinhead said...

if you put them in decorative boxes or Rubbermaid totes, they lose some of their chutzpah. at least, that's what I heard... from someone who has a lot of unfinished projects.

Wendy said...

I thought those were pantaloons! How funny!

Are you going to show off your love-hate project?

I have lots of UFOs that I lost steam on. Every New Year I promise I will get those out and finish them.

They keep multiplying instead. Isn't that the worst kind of wastefulness?

Denise Felton said...

OMG! LMAO! You so nailed it.

And the scarf is adorable. Not to mention how precious your wee one is.

casserole said...

Wendy, Too funny that you thought the scarf was pantaloons!!! I've been trying to decide between naming it "The Pantaloon Scarf" or "The Puffy Shirt Scarf" (after the famous Puffy Shirt on a Seinfeld episode). Your comment just cinched it. :)

Elizabeth said...

You made me laugh (especially the part about avoiding the sewing room). I think you nailed the creative love/hate relationship pretty well.