Friday, January 29, 2010

DIY leg pillow

I sleep on my side and I use one of those leg pillows to help keep my back from going all out of whack. The one I had was soooo old and sooo pitiful. I bought it several years ago and it's all worn out. The foam inside the cover is literally all broken apart; I just stacked it, taped it together, and put it back into the cover.

So when I was at Hancock's when they had their pillow forms on sale, AND I had a few extra dollars spending money in my pocket, I decided the stars had aligned and the universe was telling me to finally send that old pitiful leg pillow to the trash.

I won't even take a picture of the old one - I would be far too embarassed to have it out on the Internet as something I still used. But look at the new one. Isn't she pretty?

I made it from a Nu-foam Poly-fil densified batting chair cushion and 1/3 of a yard of fabric. The sale price was $5, and I only used half of it. If I was to buy a new one, it would cost me far more than that. And I wouldn't get my choice of fabric for the cover!

I created a tutorial for making one, and have it posted out at Craft Gossip. So if you need a new leg pillow, go check it out.


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