Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to work, plus a scarf tutorial

Today is the day that I dread each January. The first day of classes. That sounds bad, doesn't it? A teacher should look forward to starting a new semester. HAH!

Don't get me wrong. As jobs go, being an online instructor for the university is a pretty sweet deal. I can choose the hours I work and I don't have to arrange childcare. And I do get a sense of accomplishment when I see improvement in students' writing and when I get feedback from them saying that they've learned a new skill or concept from me. But in all truthfulness, a job is a job and they don't pay you for it because it's fun. It's work, and I'd rather be playing.

So my challenge in the next few months is to give the time to my writing class that's necessary in order to be an effective instructor, while at the same time giving enough time to my crafty endeavors that I can continue exploring and refining my skills. Oh, and do this without neglecting time with my husband and little girl. Can I do this? I think I can! It'll just take focus and prioritizing. Taking advantage of downtime in one area to move another area forward.

Speaking of which, I used my downtime this weekend to write up a tutorial for making this scarf.


I call it the Pantaloon Scarf cuz it's gathered like the pants of a pair of pantaloons. The tute is out on Craft Gossip. Go check it out!


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Madeline said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on Craft Gossip! What a lovely surprise.

Hope you get into the swing of things easily. Juggling life as a wahm is often trying...even when you're deeply appreciative.

Cute scarf! Makes me wonder if my goddaughter would wear one.