Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh, I'll just...

Have you noticed that the projects that begin with the words, "Oh, I'll just..." have a way of becoming far more time-consuming that originally thought? It's the ones that start with the words, "Oooh, I wonder if..." that are gold. I need to remember this.

This patchwork hat is my latest "Oh, I'll just..." project. As in, "Oh, I'll just cut up a lot of my scrap t-shirt knit and patchwork it together to make a hat for Liv. It'll clean out my scrap bin and make a rockin' hat!"


Serger issues created wonky seams that I was too lazy to resew. That's fine. And I came nowhere near using up all of my scraps. Though I did get rid of of small handful. And some of the infernal gray fleece that I bought years ago thinking I'd make a bathrobe for my dad.

But most importantly, Liv loved the hat. Because she loves anything that mama makes for her.

Liv was totally in the mood to ham for the camera, too.



Denise Felton said...

OMG! That hat DOES rock. It is totally adorable. Like a funky, groovy elf or something. You should make a LOT of these hats and put them on Etsy! Use up all the scraps. As always, you are WAY too critical of your own creations.

Debbie Nelson said...

Love it....Liv is so photogenic and such a perfect model for all of your wonderful creations!

Ramona Burke said...

that hat is soooo cute! (as is your daughter, of course)
thanks for visiting me, btw.