Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little girl sews

Liv and I worked on a sewing project today. She's making a pair of pajama pants for herself. So long as I draw out the stitching lines with an air-erasable marker, she can stitch a fairly straight seam.

She was sewing rather indepedently today so I thought I'd grab a little video. The sound is a little low on this, so if you want to hear what she says you'll need to turn up the volume.

It cracks me up how she looks like a little adult sitting at the machine, working the fabric and removing the pins.

"What do you like about sewing?" "It's fun and it's hard." She soooo gets it!



ElegantSnobbery said...

Awwwww! She is like a little grown up!! That is SO cute! Good for her! And pretty soon, she'll be designing and sewing up all of her Olivie Pot Pie stuffies!!

Debbie Nelson said...

What a little doll! Like Mother, like daughter!

Denise Felton said...

Oh, my goodness! That gave me tears! Where did Baby Livvie go?

Pascale said...

That's pretty impressive! She goes fast on that machine... ;)
// Between the lines //

Anonymous said...
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