Monday, August 23, 2010

Make last minute wrapping cute with scrapbook paper

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. Even though we had planned in advance for a little birthday cookie/coffee time, it totally slipped my mind until that morning that I hadn't addressed the issue of a birthday present.

And of course, when you run around town all morning looking for a last-minute birthday present that doesn't suck, then you're also left with last-minute birthday present wrapping. Keep in mind that my sister always has the most beautifully packaged presents for people, usually wrapped in vintage wrapping paper and embellished with cute-as-a-button vintage tags or ribbons.

So how to make my last-minute gift and my last-minute wrapping not look like the pitiful stepchild?

Easy! Just bust out the scrapbook paper scraps, your Sharpie, and your gluestick. Oh, and a pair of scissors, too.

Instead of seeing the present as a 3D object, look at it as a blank canvas.

Draw and cut out a fun kitty cat. And maybe a thought bubble. And a cupcake, of course. It IS a birthday after all.

Don't worry if you "can't draw". I "can't draw" either. But somehow "can't draw"-ing always looks cute when done in a Sharpie on patterned paper.

Glue your picture down, and add some happy words. Voila!

Liv was so excited when I showed her how I had wrapped her present for her Nan. On the way to Nan's house, she asked me, "Mom.... Will Nan be careful when she unwraps the present?"


Denise Felton said...

Freakin brilliant. I wish I can't draw like you can't draw.

ElegantSnobbery said...

GENIUS!!! I absolutely LOVE it!

Janna said...

Stunning! Wish I had thought of that. My brain is wishing for a playdate with your brain for some creative scrapping time. I've started Lane in preschool on M, W, F, but if desired, I could make him go on Tu or Th that week, so I've got kid free time 3 days a week!!

ana @ i made it so said...

hey casserole :)

i'm a new visitor here and thought i'd drop you a line before leaving. i had fun browsing through your projects. i really like the wrapping job here, and i had to laugh at denise's comment above about drawing.

hehe.. well done!