Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Layered hoodie for Liv and a dress for her doll

The first few weeks of school are always my most productive. I have the house to myself during the day, and my own responsibilities as an instructor (online course) are fairly light. Once the semester gets further underway, I have to spend more time actually working. But for now, I get to play.
This weekend I made a hoodie for Liv.

It's from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love. It takes a lot to get me to purchase a sewing book, but the photos in this book had me weak in the knees. And the patterns in the book are super versatile. The t-shirt pattern includes several sleeve options, two bodice options, and two optional hoods. You can mix and match to get the style you want.

I chose a long-sleeve with a gathered cap layer on top, along with a rounded hood. The knit for the body of the shirt came from a man's polo shirt. The flowered knit on the sleeve is yardage from the fabric store.

While the styles in the book are cute cute cute, it turns out that the pattern sizing for the hoodie was too broad through the shoulders and too big through the sleevecaps. I spent yesterday morning recutting and refitting the sleeves and I think we've got something that will work.

I'm super excited about this hoodie pattern now.

Here's a full-on view so you can see the way it's all put together.

And Liv wasn't the only one who got some new clothes.

So did Dolly Rachel. Check out her new dress!


make it wear it


Denise Felton said...

Adorable! Both of them! I'll bet Liv is going to want a whole wardrobe of hoodies, now!

Andrea @ said...

I absolutely LOVE that book! I really like that there is a wide range of sizes and styles. Your hoodie looks great!

saffiertje said...

Great t for yoour DD! Inspired me again to repurpose the summer polo''s!