Thursday, May 29, 2008

My makeover, and the beginnings of -another- fabric basket

First, my makeover...

Yeah, not what you were expecting, was it?? Nope, I didn't get a day at the spa or a new haircut. I got a makeover a la Olivia. Normally I cringe when she says the word "makeover" while wielding a comb, but tonight she had such a sweet, earnest look on her face that I couldn't deny her the fun. So she combed and fussed, and brushed my hair into my face then back out of my face. She got her little play make-up set out and put a little lip gloss on my lips. When she was done, I went to the mirror and told her how beautiful I felt. She was so proud.
(I'm a bit embarassed by the bad photo. My husband, king of all things mechanical, apparently does not know how to take a picture of me without making my eyes roll or giving me two chins. But shhhh... don't tell him I said that!)
In addition to getting a makeover, I also started making -another- fabric basket tonight. This one is going to be a special project - a purse for my grandmother. When I was picking her up from visiting my grandfather in the hospice, she remarked about my nice, new purse. My nice, new purse being the fabric basket I made the other week. She told me how it looked to be the perfect size for the stuff she needs to carry to church, and how all the other purses she has are too big and too heavy. I told her that it would be my honor to make one for her.

I'm using bright colors for the patchwork, paired with a stark black for the bottom and a printed black for the inside. She told me that most of the clothes she wears to church are fairly drab colors - grays, creams, whites, blacks - so I thought the bright colors would be fun. My goal is to get this finished in time for her to carry it with her to church this Sunday.


Denise Felton said...

Ooooooooooooooo! I LOVE these fabrics. This purse is going to be so gorgeous. And your grandmother is going to be so proud. (Not to mention stylish!)

Jennifer Atkins-Gordeeva said...

Fantasmic purslet! Was Granny proud?