Friday, November 7, 2008

Inspiration: Fabric Tea Cups!

I've had this post in draft form for 3 days at least, so I'm sure you've all had a chance already to drool over these fabric tea cups - and the matching teapot, of course! If not, go check them out...

Anyway, besides these being the cutest stinkin' little teapot and tea cups ever, I was totally inspired by the stick-to-it-iveness that was required to take these little cups from idea to reality. If you dig back through her blog posts you can see that the finished product was preceded by many experiments. None of them were tossed aside as failures; instead, she takes each experiment and learns something from each. Now, THAT'S inspiring for me.

Me, my approach is to get a grand idea and then make on half-assed attempt at it. When it doesn't work, then I hang the whole thing up. Who knows what I might have been able to make if I would have just stuck with the design through the whole process? Persistence - another little something to add to my creative perspective.

Catch ya later,

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