Monday, November 17, 2008

I knew it'd happen sooner or later....

...I was just hoping it wouldn't be this weekend.

Liv had just "rediscovered" one of her stuffed kitties, the one she had gotten for her birthday two years ago. She stroked its soft lavender fur and hugged its neck. Then she starts inspecting, as kids often do - looking first at the ears, then the big stuffed bow around its neck. Then she sees the tag.

Liv: Why is my name on this tag?
Me: Because you took it to school last year for nap time and we had to label it.

Liv looks closer at the tag and then her face lights up.

Liv: Oh, look at this! (pointing to the label) It's a DISNEY kitty!

Yes, little girl has learned to recognize the ubiquitous Disney logo, stamped on everything from stuffed animals to lunchboxes to bandaids. And apparently this little Disney logo makes the items more valuable.

We had the little "do you think this makes this a better kitty?" followed with "it's just a word they put on the tag" talk, but it was all lost on her. The logo-twinkle never left her eyes.




Denise Felton said...

I give up. I've been trying for 10 min to create an emoticon that looks like Mickey ears. *sigh*

Janna said...

Ha ha, Denise, I wish you'd had success! What a clever idea!

For some reason, Zach hasn't gotten into brand names yet. He has a mix of generic and name brand stuff, and he's never noticed brand logos on anything that I'm aware of. That could change soon....we'll be at Disney World in 2 weeks!!

Oh Mandie! said...

Ugh, my oldest is starting to get into the "brand names are better stage" - which doesn't fare too well when mommy makes alot of his clothes and notebooks for school.

idyll hands said...

Now - haven't we all been there? Aren't we all still there... on occasion? For the past year I've been kind of disgusted with the mall. I haven't even purchased many clothes this past year unless it was from NY&CO (just about the only shop I go to anymore). This past weekend I went to the Gap - I spent money at the Gap - I was excited about my little blue, Gap bag. I returned everything else I bought this past weekend, except the things from Gap because it felt good to have something new from the Gap.

Ah, branding.

Now, back to the Handmade pledge :)