Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Williamsburg - days 2 & 3

Well, technically day 2 is of Jamestowne Settlement and Yorktown Battlefield, but day 3 is of Williamsburg proper.

First, Jamestowne Settlement, site of the first permanent English colony. You know, the place where all the people nearly died. Captain Smith and Pocahontas. When I showed Liv the statue of Pocahontas, she said, "Hey, I saw a movie about her..." American History via Disney. Yay.
Before we could walk around the site, we had to get her to leave the Visitor's Center. Not so easy to do since it was raining. Ever since the tornado, she's been scared of thunder. It took three tries to get out there, and she only gave in once we bought her a poncho and promised her a treat for being brave.

Then, we jumped ahead about 150 years to Yorktown battlefied, the site of the final battle in the American Revolution.

Today, we went to Colonial Williamsburg. We got a late start and then left early because it was raining - again. We did get to tour the Governor's Palace, though. Liv's favorite part was the hedge maze. We had to walk it twice.
The Governor's Palace:
The hedge maze in the garden at the Governor's Palace:

And then a picture of Liv looking through a hole in the garden wall. I promise it wasn't posed.

Oh, and progress on the quilt continues. I've gotten all the threads knotted and buried, and am now binding it. I'm a little panicky because I'm realizing that if I'm going to wash the quilt before I gift it (which I really need to do in order to erase my marking lines), then I have to get it all done by Friday evening. Ack! Somehow I think I'll be giving an unfinished gift...


Denise Felton said...

Oh, gosh. I'd forgotten some of those things until I saw your photos. The ranks of cannons. The hole in the garden wall. For some reason, I walked straight to the center of the maze with no missteps. Danny, wanting to blaze his own trail, went another way. And I spent about 5 minutes at the center answering his shouts until he figured out how to get to me. heh heh.

Do you keep imagining yourself in long skirts as you walk around those sites?

Oh Mandie! said...

I grew up in Va Beach and have taken many an elementary school field trip to Williamsburg - thank you for the memories!

ElegantSnobbery said...

History via Disney. Ugh, that gives me the chills. That last photo is so completely fab!! I am still jealous that I have never been to Williamsburg. But I'll get there someday!

Debbie Nelson said...

Wonderful pictures..makes me wish I was there...glad you are having a great time....I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages.