Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday I had the very responsible plans to clean house and go to the grocery store to buy some healthy food. But my plans took a wild left turn when my sister called to tell me that The Inviting Company was having their annual (or semi-annual?) warehouse sale this weekend.

Of course I had to go! Little girl went with me since the I couldn't find anyone to watch her on such short notice.

So what did I get?

30 half-sheet cardstock invitations for Liv's birthday party
30 half-sheet cardstock invitations for my mother's annual Christmas cookie party
30 half-sheet cardstock invitations for Liv's annual Christmas cookie decorating party
250 large envelopes, sized for the half-sheet invitations

4 packs of large plates for said cookie party, coordinating with invitations (8 plates in each pack)
4 packs of small plates for cookie party
3 packs of guest towel napkins for cookie party (16 napkins per pack)

Pack of small plates and coordinating napkins with a fall print - just for kicks
Pack of orange and black polka dotted large plates - just for kicks
Pack of napkins printed with a gold on brown damask pattern, for collage purposes
Pack of napkins printed with a modern, almost industrial brown dot pattern - also for collage purposes

2 rolls of self-adhesive velcro dots, 1440 sets on EACH ROLL. (One roll is going to my friend Denise, who shares my obsession for office/art supplies in mega quantities.)

11 packs of small cello envelopes with self-adhesive closing. I believe there are 100 envelopes in each pack.

3 rolls of ribbon - 2 taupe and 1 gray. One taupe and the gray had about 60 yards on the roll, the other was unopened with 100 yards
5 spools of embroidery ribbon. They're actually the tail end of large cones of thread, but still plenty of thread for my purposes.

Oh, and some stickers with the letter "O" monogrammed. I grabbed about 20 sheets, with 8 stickers per sheet.
"J" monogram stickers, about 10 of them , to add to an upcoming birthday gift for one of Liv's friends. (Little boy is named Jack.)
5 sheets of colored square stickers for Liv to make her own monograms or other designs

And for this, y'all, I'm happy to say that I spent a grand total of $36. I love me a bargain!

Of course, in order to pay for this bargain I ended up having to wait in line for 2 HOURS. And for the whole 2 hours in line, my little girl was an angel. I was one proud mama when everyone around complimented me on how well behaved she was. I bought her McD's as a treat afterward for being so patient.

**For those in Little Rock, you still have the rest of today and Saturday to get to the sale. Check out the ad in the Style section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.


Lisa_in_AR said...

WOW! That's a lot of cra...I mean stuff for $36! However, the savings maybe offset a little when you have to rent a storage building! Hee hee

Janna said...

Wow! If you find yourself with any extra velcro dots, I'd love to buy some.


Oh Mandie! said...

I've got to admit - I'm pretty much seething with jealousy

Denise Felton said...

*still proud of myself for not grabbing your box of goodies and running for it*

ElegantSnobbery said...

Why was I not with you?? Why oh why!!! That sounds like heaven (minus the 2 hour line... that is worse than Disneyland!!)