Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who needs thrfiting...

...when I can go to my sister's house??

My sister is the queen of the estate sales, y'all. Yesterday she got a pattern cabinet (you know, like the ones they have at the fabric stores). The only thing was, it came loaded with patterns that needed going through. So of course I had to come see what there was...

...and of course my sister, being the generous soul that she is, let me take home some goodies for my own.

Most of it was remarkably unremarkable. Patterns for boxy coat dresses, 1-hour jumpers, etc, all from the mid to late 80's. But there were a number of patterns that had some sort of redeeming value, whether for the item in its entirety (like an apron) or for parts and pieces (like the hands & legs for a softie).

I also snagged a number of the unremarkable patterns just for collage purposes. Some of the older ones (1970s) had interesting cover pictures, but were either incomplete or already cut on a particular size. I also plan on using the tissue as collage elements and packaging for my Etsy items. Then there were the buttons to cover and the buckles and the rest of the haul. Yay!!!

24 patterns with some redeeming design value

Check out this cute little pattern! It has instructions for the little ric-rac flowers.

Two stacks of patterns for collage. The stack on the left are for the cover art, the stack on the left are just for the tissue. I should probably also mention that there were three large boxes of the unremarkable patterns that I left behind, lest anyone think that I'm out here wasting good patterns. Those will all get freecycled. The only ones I took were ones that were either incomplete, already cut, or really so hideous that we'd be doing the world a favor in taking them out of circulation.

...and the rest of the haul.

Here's the low-down on what I got:

* 2 stacks of patterns just for cutting up.

*24 patterns with at least one redeeming bit of design value.

* 8 packages of paintable wooden buttons (16 buttons total)

* 5 cards of buttons

* 12 packages of buttons to cover with fabric, of varying sizes. Some are as large as 1 7/8", others as small as 1/2". Some have been opened and one or two buttons used, but most are new packages. There is one package with 2 small square buttons to cover. There are also assembly kits for each of the sizes.

* 2 packages of overall buckles

* 1 red plastic buckle

* 2 packages grommets. These are the big grommets with a 3/8" hole in the center and a separate piece of metal for the back. There are 10 sets of grommets in each package, along with the setting tool.

* 1 partial package pearl snaps

* 4 partial packages of various types of hook and eye closures. Some are bright colors, which could make some really cool closures for greeting cards.

* 1 ball of oatmeal colored cotton yard

* 1 ball of white crochet thread

* 1 package of Darice Tole Painting tips?? I'm going to have to investigate these a bit more as to their crafting purposes. They're like this pencil shaped tool with interchangble small plastic tips, that are kind of like stamps except they're plastic. Anyone know what you do with these???

I feel a bit guilty with all of this. But only a little bit. I've already done some collaging with the pattern tissue, but that's a post for tomorrow. (tease, tease...)


Lisa_in_AR said...

Wow! That's quite a haul. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!

Denise Felton said...

Ooooooooo. You are so lucky!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Okay, officially jealous of you.

I love the patterns on collage idea! I saw some gorgeous collages at Stitch in Austin last Fall and they were so cute. I have planned on doing a collection of corset and undies illustrations and planned on using patten paper behind the illustrations. Great minds think alike, I believe!!

PS, I'm working on a surprise for you. I meant to keep it a secret, but I'm too excited. I blow all my own secrets!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

And I meant to say that the collages I saw used pattern paper in them... I get ahead of myself!!

ThisOldHenHouse said...

Ooooh what a haul! I cant wait to see what you make out of all of those goodies :-)

idyll hands said...


Punkinhead said...

what!?? and you lamented that *I* have all the luck?? You crazy twit! :) That dude on top of the pattern stack with his leg up reminds me of a blog that has since been abandoned... she created text to go with pattern covers like that, and one woman in a similar stance was deemed to be the "tampon insertion" model or something like that... oh god I laughed... lol!!

Janna said...

Wow! You made out like a bandit!! I think the tole painting thing is used for making various sized dots. Tole painting has a lot of dots. Sometimes they are in clusters, representing flowers. Other times, there will be a large one, then several more that gradually get smaller. I guess that can be interpreted as a flower too. Or maybe just a design. Sometimes they make a combination of dots and do it all over as sort of a background. Back in the late 80's I took a couple of tole painting classes. In my class, we just used the ends of the paint brushes to make the dots.

ayumills said...

Your sister is super nice! and I am so jealous you got such great things! I love the bag pattern. so pretty!