Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still feeling the afterglow...

Yay! to Idyllhands and Lisa for winning my little where-am-I-going blog contest! The answer was the Indigo Girls concert. I've actually been putting off writing this post because I'm a bit intimidated trying to write about such an amazing evening. I'll give it a whirl now, and just try not to be too wordy.

My "date" for the evening was my dear friend Jennifer. (Tony does not enjoy large crowds and is consequently not much fun at concerts.) We kicked the evening off with a quick bite at the Arkansas Burger Co. up the street from my house. Greek burger (with feta) and a huge helping of cheese fries. Mmmmmm.... There's just about no way that an evening can go wrong after that kind of self-indulgence.

And the concert didn't disappoint. From the moment we walked up to the steps of the concert hall, I could tell this would be an uh-mazing evening. I'd never seen the Indigo Girls live before, only listened (and sung along to) countless CDs and cassette tapes. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was surprised at how strong their voices were. The recordings just don't do them justice. They're not little mamby-pamby sweet high-pitched girl voices, they have strong, rich, beautiful WOMEN voices.

And the audience. Wow... It was like this big communal sing-along. "Power of Two" was like this huge, group love song. People stood up at their seats and, arm in arm, swaying together. I spied a few couples slow-dancing in the aisles. People sung along, either to their dates to their left or right, or to their spouses at home, lost loves, etc. It was gleeful and beautiful. During other songs, you'd catch people just sitting with their eyes closed, drinking in the moment.

They played -most- of my old favorites, along with some new music that I hadn't heard before. (The only song I really wanted to hear and didn't was "Secure Yourself to Heaven.")

I honestly could not have asked for a better birthday present. Actually, I DID ask for this birthday present. Good choice, if I say som myself.

Oh, and I got myself a concert shirt. I wasn't going to get one, but it was green with a big huge honey bee and oh, so cute. I am observing my 30-day rule, though, which says that one should not wear a concert shirt within 30 days of said event lest they look like a big huge dork saying, "Hey, guys, look where I was last night!" (In case you're wondering, the 30-day concert tee rule is a corollary of the airport vacation-tee rule, which says that if you cannot wear your Florida T-shirts on the plane home...)

On a crafting note, I have an interesting project planned with Liv for the day. I'll try to take some pictures and post tomorrow about it. No more details till then - I'm a tease!


Denise Felton said...

Oh, wow. What a fabulous experience. I'm finding an Indigo Girls CD this weekend!

casserole said...

Or you could borrow one from a friend... :)

ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, that sounds like a very happy birthday to you!!! How FABULOUS!!! I love concerts, the Indigo Girls and cheese fries. I'm completely jealous.

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Happy Birthday and what a fabulous night that was! Despite being allergic, that Greek burger sounds really tempting!

Yup, I'm back, haunting your blog. I even resigned up to get the messages for when you post due to new e-mail address. Now I just gotta catch up on your posts!

So glad you had such a good time. I'll also explain the t-shirt rule to Hubby. He's never heard of it.

idyll hands said...

I love your teeshirt rules. I think I'll adopt them for myself... maybe. Some shirts are too fabulous to wait 30 days to wear.

I'm glad you had a great time. If I had the money, I'd go to concerts at least once a month. My fave band is Barenaked Ladies and they are AWESOME live. Far better than any CD recording.

Janna said...

Happy Birthday and I'm jealous of your concert night too. But I'm totally happy that you got to go enjoy it.

I'm with Idyll Hands. I think you could wait a little while, but 30 days is a long time to wait. Wear it in 2 weeks.

Can't wait to see your project with Miss O.

Lisa_in_AR said...

Happy birthday!!!
Instead of the traditional happy birthday song I'm singing "secure yourself to heaven, hold on tight the night has come..."