Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm back, finally!!!!

I wasn't PLANNING on taking a break from my blog, it just happened that way. Mainly cause of this:

That was the power supply to our router. WAS being the operative word. That's a hole burned in the side of it. Computer equipment doesn't tend to work much after parts get melted. And with Tony out of town for the week, my Internet was out of commission until he got back Monday.
On the other hand, I DID get a lot of relaxing done during my little break, I did go 24 hours without changing out of my jammies. I did eat cheese dip for dinner at least three times. I didn't spend 4 hours a day in my studio, but I came close.
I also cleaned out my fabric closet, which was a far bigger undertaking than I had anticipated. I've been feeling this pull to start working with fabric some more, but I could never bring myself to actually DO it. I'd get some great idea in my head, then go to the fabric closet to choose my materials. I'd usually get as far as opening the closet before all inspiration was gone.
I realized last week that the sheer volume of fabric was overwhelming me, and that most of it was fabric that wasn't useful to me any more. I had thought -stupidly- that I'd spend a few hours pulling stacks of fabric out of closet and culling the pieces that didn't strike my fancy. Yeahhh.... I spent a few hours just getting the fabric out. And once it was out I had no idea how it had all fit in there in the first place! Two days and $50 for plastic tubs later, I'd pulled out enough fabric to fill our yard trash can and gotten everything else put back all nice and tidy. Ahhhh....
And then of course, there was Drunken Bunkin', but you'll have to head over to Denise's blog to read about that...


idyll hands said...

You threw the fabric away???

Welcome back to the land of the living. I had been looking forward to daily blogs from you, but understand your router melting and all (although it looks suspicious like foul play).

ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, you are so much more productive than me. My internet was down for two weeks when my computer broke a few months ago... and I basically sat in front of a blank computer screen crying, "Why! Why! Why!!" the entire time.

Like you, I was still in my pjs. But then again, I always am. And I also eat cheese spread for dinner... but that is normal.

Wow, I never realized that I'm more of an elegant slob than and elegant snob!!

casserole said...

Oh, goodness no, I didn't throw it away! Poor wording choice on my part. It's all sitting in my living room floor. Gonna put it out in my yard for freecycle. (There are a lot of 2- and 3-yard cuts, but it's mainly poly knits and rayons for dorky career wear. Or some really babyish polycottons that I bought when I was pregnant and hormonal and caught a $1-a-yard sale at Jo-Ann's.)

Denise Felton said...

OMG. You're back. What a relief. I was having withdrawal pains!

Idyll thinks you're capable of throwing fabric away! *snort laughing* You haven't put it on the curb yet, have you. Nope. Be careful or it will creep back into your fabric closet.

I notice you didn't actually mention the extent of your addiction, either--that the fabric closet runs the length of your entry hall and is GIGANTIC. *more snorting*

Julie Anne of Diamondmeenuh Creations said...

Next time just ask, and I'll let you borrow Worthington and AsaMina. They're masters of picking the good fabric from the fabric to 'rehome' as one NEVER throws away fabric! Even the bitty pieces can be used as patches on things! Or even upcycled into Denises art work. And, if worse comes to worse, it'd keep Tyson Parker busy for HOURS (he still needs therapy as he's still trying to get a hot date with a piece of fabric, any piece of fabric).

As to that router, AsaMina did NOT chew through it, despite how it looks (and the fact she can chew through concrete)!!!