Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Rubbermaid gods have been kind to me.

So I just got home from getting the passenger window on my van replaced (''nother whole story...) and I get a call from someone asking if I want any empty rubbermaid boxes. Um, YEAH. I have a serious addiction to plastic storage boxes. My family refers to me as "The Rubbermaid Queen." So of coures I'm going to want some more, right?

The deal was, her car was already pretty full and she couldn't fit it all in there with her stuff. And they were loading a truck to be donated to Savers as we spoke. I'd have to get over there right away.

My grading productivity for the day already being tanked, I agreed. Now, I was expecting maybe one large box, some 15-quart-ers, and a bunch of random crappy plastic. Nope. It was all huge plastic boxes, underbed storage boxes, and even a couple of stackable pullout drawers. My friend told me that there had actually been more, but that she had pulled out only the clear storage boxes. Except for one ginormous silver one. Filled with other boxes.

Thank goodness we still hadn't put the back bench seat back in my van. It wouldn't have fit if it had been there. Hell, it barely all fit as it was. Wanna see? Look below.

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