Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Complement-ary Etsy finds

Okay, I have to admit that this was a difficult Etsy search for me. As soon as I read the word "complement," I got this mental image of Danny and Sandy singing, "We go together..." Once that was in my head, I couldn't seem to shake it.

And for anyone else who has thoughts of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John dancing around in their heads, someone has created a cute journal from a recycled Grease album cover:

Denise's interpretation of this word was much more appropo - yin and yang as perfect complements of each other. She found a number of good examples. (See her comments on my previous post.) I think the yin yang baseball is my favorite, though.

Once I was able to banish the singing Danny and Sandy from my head, I came up with these two items. The first is a pair of ceramic cruets that seem to melt into each other. Visually, they are complements of each other, but I found the artist's description to be particularly fitting to this word. She describes the pair as a couple, the strengths of one supporting the weaknesses in the other.

And speaking of couples, how's about the very first couple? Adam and Eve, that is. Check out this pair of earrings.

(Hey Adam, that's a mighty big fig leaf you're wearing....)

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Janna said...

I love your "word of the day" posts! You crack me up with some of your finds and your commentary about them. Adam DOES have a really big leaf.