Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dolly quilt sneak peek

We're making progress on our dolly quilt. It's actually going together much faster than I had expected. Yesterday while Little Bit was as school, I cut all the pieces for her to sew. I had thought we'd spend days sewing little pieces of fabric together, but now I'm thinking that we can get the whole thing knocked out by this weekend.

We started with Liv's birdie fabric that her Aunt Scarlett had given her. I think she went for that one because she had the most of it, and she didn't want to actually run out of any of her precious fabric. I added some "dogs" from my own stash to get our palette:

Based on Liv's design changes, I came up with the basic pattern. Each square represents 1 inch.

AND just so I won't be called a tease again (punkinhead), here's a sneak peek of the progress so far.

No, the corners don't match, but keep in mind that it was sewn by a 5-year-old. Her seams were actually pretty straight. I hovered a bit, I'm ashamed to admit. Every time it looked like she was getting off of the 1/4-inch mark, I'd tell her to stop and we'd straighten it up. By the end, she was starting to get the hang of it.

We're gonna sew some more today. Hopefully I'll have a finished top to show you tomorrow.



Denise Felton said...

Oh. My. Gawd. It's so PRETTY! I am freaking out that PotPie can sew. You definitely get the Crafty Mama award!

Janna said...

I don't know which fabric you're calling a "dog"! I like them! That's going to be the cutest quilt ever!! I was looking at the green thinking, "That would look really great in a boy quilt!" I am considering an attempt at quilting myself. Lane needs some cute bedding for his new toddler bed. It needs to go with his art I got from Tootsie and Grace.

Olivia is so lucky to have a crafty mama who wants to pass on the crafty talents! She's going to be the most creative art diva ever!

Oh Mandie! said...

oh that birdie fabric is adorable! Can't wait to see how it comes out!