Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Groovy Girl clothes, part II

So I've gotten myself caught up with my schoolwork again. At least temporarily. It will all hit again in a week, but for the next few days I can pretend that I have no teaching responsibilities.

And what did I do with my temporary freedom? I made Groovy Girl clothes, of course! Want to see?

And the close-ups.

Of the shirt:

And of the skirt:

The skirt is made from brown velveteen. I free motion stitched the flowers and reverse appliqued the centers. I know. A little over the top for doll clothes. But I just. can't. help. myself.

This is actually the same pattern as the previous Groovy Girl outfit I posted. Though this time around I paid more attention to detail and I took pictures at each step along the way so I could share the pattern & tutorial. I'm in the process of writing it up. I expect to have it out on Craft Gossip in the next day or so. I'll link to it from this blog, though, so it will be easy to find.

I also made a little strappy top for a Groovy Girl out of one of Liv's old socks and scrap of fabric. I would have taken pics of that as well, but it's just a top with no pants to match. And Liv has already requested the pants, "so it will be, you know, a whole outfit she can wear to school."

In other crafty news, I finished the Shutterfly book about Mama Kitty. I got a little obsessive over the details. I'd be mortified if I got my pretty printed book back in the mail, only to find a typo or a glaring grammatical mistake. With the help of some friends with some very sharp eyes, I was able to finally let go enough to submit the order. It will be here in a week. I can't wait!!



Denise Felton said...

Holy freakin carp! This little outfit is to die for! Look at the OOAK embellishment on the skirt!

This opens up a whole new obsession. With a tiny canvas and a tiny investment of time and materials, we can afford to be totally extreme in designing GG clothes. Give us patterns, Annie!!!

Stacie Hoo said...

I SO want to be a groovy girl so I can have a fabulous wardrobe! : ) Those are too cute.

fawnda said...

very cute! I love the flowers that you stitched on! Adorable! :)