Sunday, March 9, 2008

Etsy word: recherche

This week's word was recherche, and we had some fun with it! Idyllands, DeniseFelton, and I all came up with different approaches to this one word. How fun is that?

Idyllhands suggested items focused on uncommon pairings:

Best Friends cat and dog by Hollyvision Art

Thank You Notes - Dog and Cat by bbmowery

I LIKE YOU card by Anna's Aviary

Denise found items that are over the top in some way or another:

Extreme Cowl by Pam's Fiber

Rainbow Animal Print Ski Hat by Fire n Sand Glass Art

Chinese Devil Hair Falls by somethindredful

As for me, my search led me to items that featured exotic or rare animals:

Bathurst Copper Butterfly Wing Ring by Catherine Chandler

Shrewd Dodo Linocut by minouette

American Bald Eagle Family Needlefelt Sculpture by Blackberry Downs Woolery

1 comment:

Janna said...

I love reading your "Etsy word" posts. I keep meaning to play along, but somehow life gets in the way and you post your results before I manage to actually do it. But I still love seeing what everyone else comes up with.